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Spa management course  

Swiss Diploma in Spa Management Course

The health and wellness industry is in urgent need for qualified spa managers.

The 2-year course is designed for individuals aspiring to enter or advance their career in the fastest growing segment of the international hospitality and leisure industry. The demand for qualified staff to manage spas is phenomenal. A spa manager needs to be a highly effective business manager who fully understands the intricacies of spa operations, finance, marketing, human resources, products and services, and above all, outstanding customer service. The aim of the course is to develop supervisory and management skills relevant to the management of spa facilities with emphasis on the development of leadership, interpersonal and customer skills needed to perform effectively in a spa environment.

Spa Management Certificate – Year 1:

    • Introduction to the International Spa Industry
    • Customer Service and Business Communication
    • Spa Products, Treatments and Services
    • Introduction to Marketing
    • Managerial Accounting
    • Study & Research Skills I
    • Information Technology for the Spa Industry
    • Introduction to Spa Operations
    • Balanced Nutrition and Spa Cuisine
    • The Hospitality & Tourism Business Environment
    • Field visits to Spas
    • Industry Placement

Spa Management Diploma – Year 2:

    • International Health Tourism
    • Financial Accounting
    • Research Skills II
    • Human Resources and Staff Management
    • Fundamentals of Spa Design
    • Hospitality Operations Management
    • Management Perspectives
    • Marketing and Promotion of Spa Products & Services
    • Integrated Project
    • Industry Placement

Entry requirements:

High School Diploma or equivalent. We welcome applications from mature students with relevant experience and a proficient level of English with the ability to pursue the programme successfully.

Alpine Center is a member of the International Spa Association.

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